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Preparing for Video Interviews

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Online interviews have been the silver bullet for many corporations who seek to continue their

smooth hiring process in the middle of the pandemic. While interviewing online maybe different

from appearing in a face-to-face interview, the objective remains the same – getting the job. As

a lot of us are not accustomed to being interviewed online previously; therefore, it is pertinent to

mention a few tips to keep in consideration while appearing for an online interview.

Choosing the Right Device

As they say about the importance of being audible and dressed appropriately in Physical

interviews, both of these aspects are linked to your audio/video device in an online interview;

therefore, it is important to choose a device (PC/Laptop/Smartphone/Tablet) that has a good

camera and mic. If you are going for a portable device like a smartphone, then it important to

make sure that it stays in one place and doesn’t move when your hand movement kicks in.

Placement of the Camera

We all know someone who puts the camera so close in the video call that you can only see the

forehead of the person? Just in case If you are that person then you should definitely watch out

for this while preparing for your online interview. Make sure that you are not very close to the

screen just so that your head and shoulders are at least visible to your interviewer.

Do a Quick Audio and Video Test

Imagine if your mic or video ditches you in the interview and you are left wondering how to save

your day. So, it is important to check out, beforehand, all the software and hardware

accessories that will be used in the online interview process. If your interview is conducted via

the Google Meet platform, then you can do a quick audio and video check by clicking on the

option ‘check your audio and video’.

Dress Professionally

It is a common observation of interviewers that candidates don’t dress professionally while

appearing for online interviews. Taking an online interview doesn’t change the fact that it is still

an interview and needs to be treated like one. Don’t worry, if you have a suit and a formal shirt

put on, no one is stopping you from putting on those comfy pajamas.

Keep Distractions at an Arms Distance

Imagine in the middle of your online interview your cat walks in straight in front of the camera or

your younger sibling decides to make an appearance. While there is a possibility that your

interviewer loves cats as well but there are people who don’t feel the same for them; therefore,

don’t take your chances and clear all the possible distractions. It is a good practice to lock your

room and keep all the possible distractions outside so that your interview goes smoothly.

Organize your space

Be mindful that your interviewer is observing even the tinniest details. If your clothes and stuff

are all over the room or your desk is messed up then it is pivotal to take some time out and get

things sorted around. Having a clean workspace or room shows how well a person is organized.

So, better get started with cleaning/organizing the room.

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